Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Last Day of September???

  Where did September go?  It seems just like yesterday was Labor Day!  That means it's time to get ready for Homecoming at the Museum of Appalachia!  We have 8 days to get everything finished!

  We were pleased to see our friend, Julia, at weaving this week.  Karin, Julia and Linda swapped weaving tips for their rigid heddle looms.

***By the way, the scarf that Ms. Ila wove in our rigid heddle scarf experiment sold on Thursday!  WOW!  Only two days on the shelf!

Pat got right to work on the ropes of wool....there has to be something they can be used for!  There is a string used as a core in the middle.  Pat thinks that the wool could be used for felted scarves......we'll see what happens!

Another visit from an old friend...Allan stopped by to bring some lace placemats that he wove at the Center.  These are just in time for Homecoming!!!!

  Just another loom being loaded up and taken home by a lucky weaver.  This one was a donation to the Weavers, and needs a little TLC.

Charlotte's warp is wound on and it's time to thread.  Yes...we go from right to left.
  Now's the time you learn about threading hooks and sleying hooks....work steady and check your work!

  Sharon was back to work on the placemat warp, while Linda wove another rug.  You can just see Betsy at work on her towel warp.  So much concentration!

  Carl finished up a rug and started a new one today.  We had visitors to the studio this morning, and they spent a long time talking to Carl.

 Carl shared his newest finished tapestry:  meet Herbie! 

 While Christy finished setting up her Inkle Loom, Julia got some pointers on setting up her Inkle.  You can just see Bonnie, Shirley and Molly in their usual spots!

  And, to keep us all focused on our tasks, Margi brought us candy corn, and Marie brought us dark chocolate almonds.  Both should be banned......

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

OMG, I want Herbie! Too cute. Is that promised for a grandchild's room?
Some great weaving going on as always!