Friday, October 17, 2014

Finishing Up

  I knew I was weaving the last rug of the season at the Museum of Appalachia during Homecoming.  I could see three sticks on Sunday, so I wove up all the weft I had prepared, which didn't finish up the rug.
  On Thursday, I was back at the Museum for two school groups that were scheduled.  Sure enough, I finished up the rug, and left enough warp on the beam to set it up for winter viewing.  I'll take some scrap material the next time I go and get it woven in....this way the loom won't look neglected while we wait for next Spring.

  I'm going to take an old reed to put on the loom....I would rather not leave one of my good ones there all winter.  It won't take me too long to sley the reed, and then weave in the material. 
  Then, it will be back to the Peter's cabin to sit by the roaring fire! 

After all the rain we had last weekend, and the rain earlier in the week, the remaining leaves have started showing their colors.  Fall has arrived!!!!

I promised Kerstin in Sweden that I would explain about Straw Loom, here goes:
  We use drinking straws that have been threaded with a yarn warp thread.  Just tape the end of the yarn at the top of the straw.  Tie an overhand knot at the bottom end of the warp threads. 
  We just tie on the weft yarn to the straw, and you're ready to start weaving.

  If you use variegated yarn, it will make stripes, which the kids really like.  The kit has the "straw loom" as well as two balls of yarn.  It also includes an instruction sheet.

  Pat's niece used this idea in the Kid's Booth at the Foothills Show a few years back.  We just expanded on it to continue this simple way to weave with kids.  It's popular with kids of all ages!!!
  Well.....Carol put out the call for multiple sets of placemats.  I've started winding a 12 yard warp for a set I DON'T have to cut fabric for!!!!  (I need a vacation from cutting strips for a bit!)  Now that my computer emergency is settled, I won't have to run around getting help for the little darling, so maybe I can get that wound and on the loom.
  Enjoy your Fall weekend!
Happy Weaving!


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Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Thank you! - and here I was thinking of some special loom for weaving straw... but couldn't really make that tally with small children.
Kerstin in Sweden