Friday, October 10, 2014

Day Two

  Sharon and Karin were inside the Peter's Cabin today for the Tuesday Weavers.  Both of them brought their Rigid Heddle Looms, and they had a parade of kids that fell in love with weaving.  In fact, one little girl kept coming back to the cabin to weave!  You just gotta love a fiber child!
  It should be also noted that her little brother fell in love with the straw loom, and nearly finished the sample one without any help!

  The big news is that Tina's lovely Romney shawl sold today, along with one of Ms. Ila's bamboo scarves!!!!!

  It was a good day for sales....and sharing the love of weaving!

  Due to the scattered showers, Tina set up her wheels on the porch.  Along with Canadian wheel, she brought her flax wheel, which is always a big hit.  (She needs to get busy and spin more Romney to make another shawl!!!!)

  There was great music on the main stage all day.  And you can see the fans with their chairs and umbrellas enjoying the music.  Now....that's dedication!!!!

Oh....and Theresa.....this picture is for YOU!  I think this is the scarf you wanted a close up of.  Bonnie wove this scarf, and it reminds me of the peacocks at the Museum.
  I saw several ladies looking at it today.......


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