Thursday, October 30, 2014

Back To The Books

  It was just a matter of first love in the fiber world is sewing, after all.  I have had the Saori book, along with Anne Field's book for awhile.  Marie brought her copy of Shangold's Weave-Knit-Wear to weaving, and I knew I needed it for my library.  I drove to Sandy's shop, Clinch River Yarn Company, yesterday to pick up a copy.  (Of course, you can't go in Sandy's shop without finding some other goodies to bring home!!!)   
  Now that I can weave, I'd like to weave cloth for clothing and complete the circle.  Time will tell if I'll be able to use the fabric from the shades of gray warp, but I feel I'm on the right track.

   The shawl on the rigid heddle is coming along.  I'm almost through with the first panel, and I'll hemstitch that before starting the next part.  When it comes time to turn the warp, I'll try to take a lot of pictures.  I am being very careful to double wind the bobbins so that the color changes stay the same. 

    All of the plants that need to winter inside are now safely in place.  That means that the cacti have started to set buds!  I noticed that once the days started getting shorter, the buds started emerging. 

  The poinsettia plants are starting to get their red/white leaves, too.  It looks like a forest in my living room!
  It seems I got everything inside just in the nick of time!  The evening news is reporting a big storm for tomorrow evening:  SNOW!  I would say it is very likely in the mountains....not so much right here except for flurries.  But, the temps will kill any tender plants.  We'll stay cozy in the house!

Happy Halloween!


Theresa said...

Snow too a possible here this weekend! The new book Weave-Knit-Wear looks interesting. Please let us all know how you liked it when you get a chance to use it.

Maggie said...

Yes, I'd like to see a LouAnn original design, from heddles to her! Please post photos!