Friday, October 10, 2014

Day One

  This was Thursday morning before the buses pulled into the Museum of Appalachia....we were ready!  Ann and Roz hung some of our beautiful rugs over the porch railing.

It is Heritage Day at the Museum.  Last year there were 22 school buses.

  Tina had lots of interested visitors just watching her spin all that wool.

  Bonnie finished out the day with Ann.  Can you believe that she had never wove on a straw loom before???  As always, they were a big hit with the students.

After a beautiful morning, a little storm had folks running for the porch.  That also was a good time to load up the buses for their trips back to school.
  Things really quieted down after that, and we had a steady stream of visitors at the Loom House and the Peter's Cabin.

  Our feline visitor has taken up his post at the Loom House, to the delight of the late afternoon visitors.  It was a great end of our first day at Homecoming.

Stay tuned....


Maggie said...

Tina's outfit is beautiful! You need to post a photo of YOURS! It looks like Leo's doppleganger is having a lovely day hanging out with you all.

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Please, what is a "straw loom"?

Kerstin, confused in Sweden