Thursday, March 13, 2014

13 March 1993

  We had fair fact, the weather folks had talked about this storm for about a week.  If all the elements came together just right, we were in for a big one!
  That Friday night, the 12th of March, I went to pull my Mom van into the garage....just in case.  It had been a warm March day, and I really thought the storm would go around us.  It was almost dark when I went out to move the van, and it had already started to snow....BIG flaky blobs of snow!!!

  Now...this was a time before cell phones, and people were trapped in their homes with no phone or electricity.  We had folks in the Smoky Mountains on Spring Break that were trapped in cabins and chalets.  They were air lifting bags of food to some of those, and doing search missions for some of the hikers.
  My baby sister was looking forward to her birthday on the 13th...she and her husband had big plans for the evening.  Of course, that all changed.

  She lost power...but still had phone service.  At my house, we didn't lose any services.   My kids were in middle school, and they had their friends over to sled in our back yard.  We had a great hill for sledding!  I kept a laundry basket by the door, and had them strip off gloves, mittens, hats and coats to take to the dryer.  I must have made gallons of hot chocolate and millions of grilled cheese sandwiches!!!!!  (Or, at least it seemed like it!)  For a week, it was like hosting summer camp for young adolescents! 

  Around this area, thoughts turned back to the March Blizzard as the newest storm approached this area.  We got lucky this time, and just got a flurry or two.  But it sure brought back lots of memories!
  The warm temps this week tricked some of the trees into starting to bloom.  My ornamental magnolia started, and I am holding my breath to see if the blooms got nipped by the temps and snow flurries.  It's supposed to get down to 32 tonight, so I should know more tomorrow.  It is truly amazing when it is in full bloom.
  We are expecting warm temps for the rest of the week and the weekend will be mild.  We have lots of rowers here for Spring Break right now, and they are out on the river early in the mornings.  I'm hoping this spring weather will hold for them.
  My weaving will continue when I get all my tax information on the spreadsheets....I just want to get it done!!!!! 
Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

Ah, blizzards of old! Mine is the storm of 78 that shut down most of New England for a week. The only way you knew there were roads was to eye up the power lines.
Nothing like cross country skiing into town for supplies. Glad you guys only got a flurry or two as a reminder!

Maggie said...

My magnolia is budding, too, just peeks of purple through the furry outer shell. And my roses are covered in new leaf buds. Snow, snow, go away!