Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Flurry Of Activity!

  Yes, they heard something going on downstairs at the Center, and popped on down to find out what was happening!  Fiber Folks!!!!
  Glendori (on the left) is visiting her friend, Judy, and they were out for the day looking around.  What they found was a bunch of weavers just doing what they do best!!!!

Along with weaving, Marie was busy putting together a "new" table.  The old one was creaky and wobbled....this one is sturdy!  It also seats more people at lunch time!!!!  It was in place before you could shake a lamb's tail!!!!

  The ladies on the back row were super busy today.

 Carl was finishing up the rug he had started.  The plan was to cut off the two rugs on the loom so that Judy could take her daughter's rug home today.

Once off the loom and cut apart, Judy got to work tying the fringes for the rug.

Pat was able to be with us today, and she was hard at work on her coverlet warp.

  Our after lunch "Show & Tell" was super busy today:

Betsy had her very first scarf project on her Cricket Loom.

Bonnie brought her scarf project, too!

Judy had her wool scarf she made from the New Zealand wool she bought on her trip.

Eiko brought several of her projects that she has finished at home.....in fact, these are the articles that helped her jury into the Foothills Fine Craft Guild in weaving.  (Congratulations, Eiko!!!!)

  Jocelyn is taking a close look at Eiko's ikat scarf....it's really lovely!

Sharon participated in her first Dye Day, and created these wonderful warps. 

   Take a look at the colors in this warp!!!!!

Ms. Ila takes the prize for the LONGEST warp dyed last weekend:  14 yards!!!!  This will be for shawls.  She also dyed 4 different skeins to use for weft.

  Tina brought her baby blankets that she has been working on at home.  She is really enjoying playing with the pattern design and colors.

So....what do our weavers do when they're at home?????   Now we know!!!!
  With all the snow flurries in the area, this week will be a good time to just stay in and weave some more!!!!

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

I loved seeing everybody's home projects! There were plenty of ideas to explore!

Anonymous said...

I always just love looking at the beautiful smiles in your picture heading. You look like such a wonderful group!

Theresa said...

Flurries here also, but no where near the activity of the Tuesday group in the weaving department! Some beautiful pieces. I'd like to get my hands on the Ikat scarf for a look see too!