Monday, March 17, 2014

Back At It!

It's been a rainy, dreary half of the weekend and it's continuing to be a bit dreary most of today so it's a perfect time to be inside getting back to the work of production. Spring is just around the corner, some daffodils are blooming in our yard and the lenten roses are really happily blooming but the rest, not quite yet!
I've had fun weaving rugs, but it's time to get back to the production I need to get done for the shows later this year! First up, chocolate. I had a box with the yarns sitting by the warping board, patiently waiting for several months. The accent yarn I'd gotten from the knit shop in Clinton when I went there to pick up those knitting needles months ago. Now I could finally get it on the loom.
 The color in the picture doesn't show now nice the brown is or how glittery that accent yarn is but the pieces will be so pretty once they're done! They're tempting me!!
 I had an order for a navy dress, dark navy. Again, the picture is blander than it really is, but it is just a simple dark navy. Normally when I wind warps, I never wind just for one piece but this lady is tiny and I didn't want to have to weave different widths so just wound enough for this dress. That'll make it really one of a kind for her.
The chocolate pieces have been washed and are dry, waiting for me to cut and serge the last parts of each of them. Then I can change the thread to navy and get this one going. I should have her dress done by the weekend and mail it to her. She'll be excited about that. There's another dress in the order but I have to order yarn for it so this will be a 2 part shipment to her. It extends the fun, she says!
 So that warp is done, ready to finish. What's next? More navy! This will go on today. It's a truer color than the other pictures, maybe because sunlight was still coming in the window by my warping board. Also, it's got navy chenille in the warp which will give it more shine. The dress didn't have any chenille in it.
It's raining again now. I'm glad I'm not weaving black right now. This navy has a bit of cheerfulness that will help cheer up the studio today.
The rest of the week promises to be busy, winding warps, planning projects and getting a yarn order in for the next few months' weaving. Friday we're planning to have a dye day at the center. I have to wind and wash my warps for that!! There's also a quilt show in Pigeon
Forge that I just have to go to!! You know how it is, the quilts will be a nice inspiration. I love to see what's shown at these shows and sometimes you get an idea for a color combination or a quilt to make......and then there's the vendors! I think half a day spent wandering the show will be time well spent!!
Otherwise, it's the studio for me!
Until next week, keep weaving!
Remember, spring's almost here!

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Tom said...

I hope we get to see the chocolate warp up close! The next navy warp looks so warm and cuddly, maybe you could let us see that too?

Tina (on Tom's computer)