Monday, March 10, 2014


So, Friday was an awesome day for the Tuesday Weavers. How often do we get to meet some of the bloggers we've been following? A month or so ago we had Laura Fry come on a Tuesday. This time those of us that could came Friday to meet Hillary. We all just sat around and talked for a long time. There she is in front of our looms! Plus, I got a picture of LouAnn, even if it is just the back of her head. Usually, she is the one taking pictures! I wish everyone could have been there. It was good.. The picture I  downloaded disappeared so look for it at the bottom of the page!
So what have I been doing this week? I finished the last looper rugs. Done! I got 6 of them done. I decided to just mix up all the colors so they were a hodge lodge of color. I did have more pink, green and purple so those colors kind of stand out.
The last one ended up with more green. The bright warp just blends in and all you see is color. These have been fun rugs to make and I'm sure will find good homes.
I had some yards left on the warp so I used some of the denim I'd been cutting. Blue jean rugs. Got 2 of them done before running out of room. Old jeans find new life in rugs. I'll keep cutting them so that when I'm ready to put another warp on, I'll be ready to weave! 
The rugs are all inventoried and ready to go to a shop. 
Next up will be back to my regular weaving. I think the first color will be chocolate with a bit of glitz accent...
The last few days have been beautiful. By tomorrow the high will be in the 70s! Sandal weather. By Thursday it will be cold again but for now, it's kind of any excuse to go outside for awhile. Maybe I'll pull out a chair and my copy of Barbara Miller's new book. It's an amazing book. It's official title is Frances L. Goodrich's Brown Book of Weaving Drafts. It's just out and promises to be a treasure trove of information for those of us interested in old drafts, coverlets and history. I am really looking forward to reading it especially since I've known Barbara for many years. She is an awesome weaver and instructor. I love to see new books on weaving being published. No telling how many coverlets will be woven as a result of this little book being made available to so many people that weave! I'm impressed!
So til next week,
Weave on!


LA said...

Friday was a great day! And, it looks like you got a lot of weaving completed in your studio!

Tom said...

The rugs are really nice, I need to get back to my rug warp!

Tina, (on Tom's computer)