Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Great Minds

  It was going on all over the studio today:  conclaves!

Let's just put our heads together and figure this out.

Plotting and Planning!

We can cure the ills of the universe!

Counting heddles?  No problem!

Want to know about weaving OR the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society?  You're at the right place!

  Carl went right to work this morning and got strips cut to add to Judy's rug. 

This afternoon, he was just about finished with the rug.
  Tina is winding on the troublesome warp.....Carl just keeps weaving!

Linda and Cindy had to spend some time under the LeClerc getting those treadles tied.

Although Ann couldn't be with us today, I wanted to share this picture of her new rug on the Rocker Loom.    WOW!!!!

The day passed quickly, and before you realized it, it was time to go!!!

Happy Weaving!


Tom said...

It was a very productive day! I am in love with Ann's rug, I must try that sometime.

Theresa said...

That is one lovely rug on the rocker loom.
I can hardly wait to see it off. Carl's is a beauty too. Glad you all are on the worlds troubleshooting too! :)