Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Quiet Work Day

  It was a day of little tasks:  getting those heddles on the bar.

      Starting a new rug.....oh, no!  Those ends had to be connected!

  Winding the weft onto the rag shuttle.

  Winding more yarn balls for the Straw Loom Kits.   (It was good having you with us today, Sharen!)

  We have new warps being threaded, wound on and woven.  Sharon is winding a new warp for her next project.

Ann is adding color to that beautiful rug on the Rocker Loom.

  Betsy got the reed sleyed, and she'll be ready to tie on and start weaving.

Molly and Jocelyn are working on new projects, too.

  Linda is working on another blue jean rug while Tina is attempting to untangle thread coming off the sectional beam.  (We are over half way getting that straightened up and threaded!!!!)

Marie is tackling the shelves in the little hallway.  They tend to be a catch-all for objects that we don't know what to do with!!!!!   (Thank you, Marie!!!!)

  A BIG ole THANK YOU to Ms. Ila!  She baked this wonderful chocolate cake for us to share today.  Guess the secret ingredient......Coca Cola!!!!!

What a wonderful March Tuesday!!!!
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Betsy take care of "my" loom. What happen to Marie? Beater too heavy?
If you guys decide to sell that loom
I have first dibs.
Yummy choc.cake.

Tom said...

How did I miss the red on Ann's rug! That is really going to be a nice one. (I have some wool like that in my studio someplace!) I love how this post shows the variety of stuff that happens here on tuesday, thanks Lou Ann!

Tina, on Tom's computer