Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I Don't Want it to End

 Do you every have a warp you just hate to see come to an end?  There will never be another one like this hand dyed bamboo warp, and I've enjoyed it.  So much so that I put off finishing it for a few weeks.  I finally decided to end it with black bamboo for the weft, and finished it this morning.  I still need to hem stitch the end, but got interested in other things this afternoon.  It's only 25 inches long, and I'm not sure what to do with it, but I know that this piece is for me, however I use it.

I really love Weave Design software, and couldn't resist showing you how it drew up this pattern.  It's a lot of fun to play with, but even better to work with.  I wish it had "Undo," but I can overlook that most of the time.  If you don't have it yet, you should get it.  It's free, but please donate something to the lovely people who make it free for us to use.
What got me sidetracked, you may ask, and tore me away from my hem stitching?  I just couldn't take the tapestry loom being in the dining room one more second!  I've always hated it there, especially when I have people over for dinner.  So, last week, I moved some stuff around and made a new sewing room in the back bedroom, which made me move some stuff out of the loominaria.  Not quite enough to make actual space for the loom, but in it went!  Getting it around the piano and through the doorway was a bit tricky, but in it went!  It's very cozy in the loominaria now, but I can still fit a cat in there!  And I'm pretty sure Leo was on the shelves, and I know Bella was right behind me when I took this photo.  Weftie keeps the yarn warm until I start a new tapestry.
  Yesterday was delightful enough to do some actual gardening, but today is chilly and getting chillier, and blustery.  The power has even flickered a few times.  So, I'll be snug in my house, starting a new tapestry, finishing the gold and purple warp., and planning my next project, some Rep Weave placemats. 
  Meanwhile, I leave you with a sweet thought:  Gluten Free Trail Mix Cookies.  Mmmmmmmm...
Happy weaving!


LA said...

YUM....those cookies look amazing! I'm really not surprised that the tapestry loom has were never happy with it being in the dining room! I'm sure Weftie will oversee the new arrangement.

Tom said...

The studio looks snug and inviting, the pattern on that piece is really nice, (I do love that software), and those cookies, yum!

Tina, on Tom's computer