Monday, March 3, 2014

More Weather?

As I'm writing this, we're about to have some more "weather" here in East Tennessee. It was raining alot when I woke up this morning and the temperature had gone down to about 38 and  dropping. They promise us that we'll have some freezing rain turning to snow later today and it won't go back above freezing until tomorrow sometime. In East Tennessee we have to be ready for anything from one day to the next!! The schools are pretty much all closed for the day and some of the colleges are starting to close their campuses to the west and north of us..
We may have dodged the snow and ice in Middle Tennessee according to the weather. Often we are sheltered from the worst weather because of the valley we're in. It looks like that's the case again this time but we'll just have to see. Now they say we're only getting about half an inch of snow. I'm glad for that. We're all hoping that we can go to weaving tomorrow. It's not fun to miss our Tuesday "fix"!!

So what have I been doing lately? I'm still weaving rugs. I got some of them cut off the loom and finished. I like this one, it's all warm colors. These loopers I got from Tina after she decided not to weave looper  rugs any more. 

 Having some yellow and orange with the darker colors cheers it up nicely!
 Besides the darker colors of the above rug, there are sections with pink and light purple to lighten it up a bit.
 It's always fun to see what colors end up next to each other besides above and below the row.
 There are a couple of rugs that I already took to the Art Market Gallery without taking pictures of them. However, they are similar to the ones that are still on the loom. I ran out of loopers so have to chain a bunch more today before I can weave more. You know what I'll be doing this afternoon!!
My goal is to finish all the loopers. I may have to wind another rug warp to finish them. If I have extra warp after the loopers are done, I've got a bunch of jean strips cut too......
Until next week,
Stay warm, stay busy and keep weaving!!


KarenInTheWoods Karen Pfundtner said...

My gosh you poor folks have sure gotten your share of icky winter weather there!

We might be cruising through that area on our way back some time next week. Will let Linda know as we get close... probably not during a Tuesday though.

Karen and Steve
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Theresa said...

Fun rugs! Hope you did indeed dodge the storm.

Theresa said...
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LA said...

Those looper rugs are fun to weave, and they are so colorful on the floor. Monday was a good day to stay in and weave!!!

Bonnie said...

Nice bright looper rugs.