Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Just Getting It Done

First of all:  thank you to Cindy for taking pictures so I could concentrate on threading that loom today.  Yes....that's me.  Karin is right beside me on the Cambridge weaving her first rug.  She finished that one and started on another one after lunch.
  I am on the last repeat of the pattern, and I'll get to finish up next week!  Can we all say, "Amen!"

So, here are some highlights of our day:

  LaDonna was able to join us today, and she was weaving on her Rigid Heddle Loom that stays at the Center.  Our visitor, Carol, was full of questions about weaving.  She is the new owner of a 60" Cranbrook.
  There was a lot of conversation today about weaving on rigid heddle looms.  Some of our Tuesday Weavers are trying to decide if they would like to try one.

  She also got a chance to talk with Molly about her new warp.  Molly has really dove in the weaving pool!!!!!

  Marie got some weaving done on the placemat warp, but, she also took time to help Linda with a weaving question.

  Tina is helping out by winding warps of bamboo for scarves.  These will be dyed at the next Dye Day.

At Show and Tell Time, Cindy brought her Rep Weave towels that she finished up.  They are beautiful!


Christy brought the bamboo scarves that she finished.  These will go upstairs to the Shop.

  Last....but not least....the results of my threading!!!!  Just a few more to go, and we'll be ready to sley that reed.  YEAH!!!!

Stay tuned for next week!

Happy Weaving!


Maggie said...

Go, LouAnn! The look of concentration is what's helping you finish, no doubt!

Bonnie said...

Glad you got in the pictures, LouAnn.

Theresa said...

Thanks again for the wonderful whirl wind Tuesday visit ! So much awesomeness.

Tom said...

I love it when new people come, and they are full of questions!

Tina (on Tom's computer)