Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What's Around the Corner?

Instead of around the corner, this is the view of Lee's Surrender under the beam.  Carol has always warned us that the Davison book has patterns drawn for a counter balance loom and that we should flip the designs over, but I always feel that would be too much more of a challenge than I need when I'm warping.  I can always flip it over when I'm done!  So this is what it will look like when I do that.  Lovely, isn't it?  I'm exactly halfway done with the first coverlet, 9 repeats finished.  Will I be able to finish next week?  We'll just have to see.

Most Wednesdays, I find myself in a panic about this time of night because I've forgotten to blog.  Today was no exception!  I was out walking Bella around the neighborhood and realized that I not only hadn't written, I had no idea what to write about.  I got home, hot and sweaty, and pondered what would be interesting.  I remembered a drink I saw in this month's Bon Appetit, with strawberries, mint and white rum.  I had strawberry consomme left over from a pack of frozen strawberries in the fridge, next to a container of basil syrup.  A little club soda, some ice and a little white rum, and I am in the mood to write!   Hemingway, I'm not, but we could all use a little inspiration sometimes.  A couple of sips... okay, here we go!
Gardening has taken a front seat in my life this summer, partly because I'm working fewer hours and partly because it gives me more pleasure than work right now. The vegetable garden is going gangbusters right now, with beets, zucchini and tomatoes leading the charge.  Lots of basil, thyme, sage and opal basil are ready to use, and the cherry tomatoes are supplying enough for a salad each day.  The larger tomatoes are coming along, but aren't ready yet.
  The beets are too plentiful for eating daily, so I'm going to pickle some this Sunday.  The pickling cucumbers are only one inch long so far, cute as can be, but I have a feeling, they'll be taking over and ready before I know it.  The beans are climbing their trellises, and will probably end up nestling into jars with some fresh dill before too long.

 I'm looking for changes in my work life, so wish me luck.  The first class in landscape design is almost done, with the next up in July.  Anyone need some advice, a plan or just some clearing out?  I've got lots of ideas!
  I keep thinking I should be weaving at home more, but the outside calls every time I sit at the loom.  Soon it'll be too hot to plant, and maybe then I can find time for the projects in the loominaria.  Who knows what's around the corner?
  Happy Weaving!   --Maggie


LA said...

I was just thinking about pickled beets earlier today. That was always a rite of summer...and the house smelled like vinegar for days! YUM! Your garden has come a long way!

Bonnie said...

You are getting to be such a good gardener. It all looks great.

Maggie said...