Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Take a Quick Look!

  Some of our travelers have returned to the fold!

Carol had lots to tell us about her adventures at the Midwest Weavers Conference, and we really enjoyed seeing her beautiful sampler from her class.

  Ann is back from her restful time in Michigan, and cut off three rugs on her loom before starting on a new one.  I think she had forgotten how little space there is behind the loom, and ended up with her pin cushion stuck to her shoe!  I'm just glad she wasn't barefoot!!!!

  Pat was back from her Grandmother duties, and started right to work on the yarn.  She made quite a dent in the tub of yarn this morning.

  Tina is just about to get the "new" loom up and running.  There was a wool warp still on the loom, and she thought there was enough for one more rug.  The warp is threaded and tied onto the front bar.  She got the treadles tied up, also.  Now it's just a matter of what to use for weft!

  Cindy got busy on Linda's Studio loom.  Sitting on the cloth beam does put you a little closer to the heddles when you're threading!!!!
  And, Betsy wound more fabric on the shuttle for another placemat!!!

  Patty was back with us today...hard at work on her table loom. 
  Linda brought her Cricket loom with a scarf warp to work on today.  And, Shirley was busy with her beautiful warp on the Pup.

A quick glace from this side of the room will reveal progress on the coverlet warp, and Ms. Ila and LaDonna--hard at work!

  Christy was sooooo quiet as she threaded the new scarf warp.

Andy's towels are OFF the loom!
  She has decided that she's going to learn to dress a loom from back to front!!!!

And, if you peek back in the corner....there's Carl!
Those blue jean rugs are very popular!!!

As always, we invite you stop by if you're in our neck of the woods this summer. 
Tuesdays.....guess where we'll be?????

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

Time for a new warp on Carl's Barn Loom!

erin said...

Carol made a Dr. Who scarf while she was gone! Beautiful stuff, gang!

KarenInTheWoods Karen Pfundtner said...

I love that you call it Linda's Studio Loom.... awwwwww