Friday, June 21, 2013

Spin In 2013, Tomorrow!

I spent the last couple of days getting ready for tomorrows "Spin In 2013" at Lou Ann's house.  At one point I had every box of fleece I own on the pile of stuff to take, but I realized that I could just take a portion of each and did not have to take the whole fleece!

I have tagged all my spun yarn with information I think might be good to have.  How many yards?  What was the fiber prep?   How was it spun?  What kind of fiber?  All good things to know.  I have even had to go back over my blog posts to see just exactly what kind of fiber a couple of projects were!  That lead to writing down the date the yarn was finished.  Very interesting research!

  I realized that I needed to spin up a couple of samples for tomorrow.  I used my e-spinner, and since I only have one bobbin for it, I got to use this handy dandy wool winder that I borrowed from the center last week.  I suspect that it is 1 yard around, but I have not measured it.

 This is a sample of some wool that is not next to the skin soft.  It is not super coarse either!  I have tried soaking it in a Euclan wash, but it made little difference.   I do think that this would make superb rug warp!

I Navajo plied this sample directly from the wool winder, and it worked pretty well.  I put a little too much twist in the plying, so I dangled the yarn from the second story so that the extra twist would come out!

 My bags are packed, my cookies are baked and I am getting ready to make up some of my  famous BBQ  Pulled Chicken sandwiches, for the pot luck lunch.  If you are in the Knoxville area, and you want to join us, from 10am to 4pm just post a comment below, and we will contact you!

Until next time, Happy Weaving and Spinning, Tina


LA said...

You have pulled so much together...I feel like a slacker! But, we'll have fun!!! See you in the morning!

Theresa said...

Happy spinning to all, hope we see some action shots!