Monday, June 3, 2013


I try to remember to take pictures of my warps on the loom. Well, I forgot to do that with this purple one so here it is, on the cutting table waiting to have the raw edges serged. On top are the thrums which will end up in the bag that goes to LouAnn to add to what she has to make fun yarn!
 My accent yarn was purple, yellow and green. Good thing I had a cone of fairly bright green yarn from Scott's that I'd gotten years ago. It worked perfectly with the other colors and made this kind of a mardi gras looking fabric!
 The next warp was a pale sea green with an equally pale accent yarn. Very subdued, calming warp.
 Both warps wove up quite quickly.
 The warps and skeins of yarn that I dyed are about dry after all the rinsing. So, here they are:

On the loom now is black. I have to weave black several times during the year and the time has come to do it again! I hope to weave it quickly but it's a fairly long warp so not that exciting.
I'm hoping to get it done and maybe get one of the painted warps on the loom yet this week. I would like to weave these both as well before I have to quit weaving for a couple of weeks...
My show isn't til July but building up stock is a slow process.
I'm back in the rhythm and progress is happening!
So it's back to the studio and loom. Hmm, maybe I can switch from watching Magnum PI to Duck Dynasty for a couple of hours of throwing the shuttle! We'll see how it goes! I'd like to get it off the loom by Wednesday afternoon. I wonder if I can make that happen...tomorrow is weaving with Tuesday Weavers so I don't weave at home.
I'd better get going!
Until next week, keep weaving!


LA said...

You got a LOT of weaving done last week!!! I think you'll really enjoy weaving the dyed warps...great colors.

Bonnie said...

Those are wonderful colors. They would look good on the black warp.

Maggie said...

I love that purple warp with the green and yellow!