Thursday, June 13, 2013

Seeing Red

  The weather map is the big RED issue today.   Lots of rough weather hitting the eastern part of the USA.  But, I'm seeing boat loads of red around my neck of the woods.

This is that lovely little cacti that I got "free to a good home."  This year it has set 10 buds, and they have started blooming.

  And, on the screened in porch, this cactus has set buds, too.  My cacti do not seem to know if they are Christmas cactus or what!  Maybe I should call this my Flag Day (June 14) cactus.
  This one actually needs to be re-potted.  It is totally root bound in that blue pot.  That will get done when the blooms are finished!

The bag sorting continues on the dining room table.  I need to check with Tina to see how many she chained together to make the different bands on the rug she wove at the Center.  Or.....I could just charge ahead and see what happens.  After all, these rugs will be for me and my daughter!

  Her back door rug needs to be washed a lot since Scout runs in and out.

  And, speaking of Scout, here she is!
Her Momma and Daddy are backpacking in the Great Smoky Mountains, so I'm puppy-sitting my grandpup.  She even gets to sleep on my bed!  (That isn't allowed at home, you know!)  The kitties aren't enchanted with the visit, but they'll have their kingdom back soon enough.

  My favorite RED of the week is the towel warp at the Center.  (Would you believe that this is really an orange thread....but it sure shows up red in pictures!)

  Maggie took this picture.  I'm holding the temple, which solved the problem of the draw-in that was going on at the edges.

  This turned twill pattern is a fun weave!  This is a really long warp, so there will be lots of towels in the future!

Enjoy your day....stay safe if you're in a RED weather zone.
Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

I have heard that it takes 200 bags to make a rug, but of course it depends on how wide and how long the rug is!
I put different colors on different shuttles and wove the pattern like that, switching colors as I wanted to.

Bonnie said...

Nice cactus. I love them. Scout looks content.

Maggie said...

Oooh! I didn't know that cactus bloomed! Can't wait until mine does!