Sunday, June 16, 2013

Christmas for Weavers

I know I don't blog til Monday but there is absolutely no time to do it in the morning so I'm writing Sunday evening. The reason I can't write is because Midwest Weavers Conference starts in the morning.
I left Knoxville early Friday morning. Linda rode with me part of the way before being picked up by Rosie. Karen's going there too. Yeah, they're going to have a blast together!!
Saturday I headed to Lawrence Kansas. You know what's in Lawrence, right? Yup, the Yarn Barn!!
 It's like Christmas for weavers. Their catalogue is one that we read carefully and dream about buying all kinds of yarn, kits, looms, wheels, shuttles, you name it! So, having a chance to go to the store is one that I really was looking forward to.
The store is just as awesome as the catalogue! You know those samples they have on the pages showing the kits they sell, etc? Well, here's a picture of a bunch of them. They're on a shelf near the mill ends yarn.
 When we call to place an order the person that usually answers the phone is Mary Margaret. Here she is!! She also weaves most of the samples that are pictured in the catalogue. She said they're working on a new catalogue and she's weaving the things needed. She was busy getting yarn ready to take to the vendor area here in Emporia this week.
I'm so glad that I don't knit. That meant that only 3/4 of the store was temptation! I didn't buy a ton but I did get my discount! So did my friend Ellen. She met me there. She lives in Illinois, near Chicago. We'd arranged to meet there. Didn't have to say a time either. I got there about 11am and she got there about 3/4 of an hour later.
Lawrence is a great town. Their downtown is awesome!! We went to 2 quilt shops right near Yarn Barn and a Mexican restaurant for lunch. I know we could have spent all day there. The place was hopping too. Tons of customers.

All too soon we had to leave to head down to Emporia. I drove in a real thunderstorm, torrential rain for awhile. The trip was about an hour and a half and it rained most of the way. Thankfully no tornadoes. Everyone there is on edge right now with the recent storms not that far away.

Emporia is where the conference is. It's another interesting town. It's a university town but also has alot of industry. In driving around today, it was kind of interesting to see all the different areas there. It's not a huge place but the kind of place you wouldn't mind raising a family in.

So tomorrow the classes start. I'm taking Robyn Spady's class and I've met several of my classmates already. We're kind of Midwest junkies. We got to every Midwest conference that we can. It's good to catch up with friends and meet new ones.
If you ever get a chance to go to a conference, go for it!! You won't be disappointed.
So, til next week, weave on!!


Theresa said...

Well fun, fun, fun! I certainly would say you are having a mid year Christmas, you lucky girl!

LA said...

That would be a dangerous door for me to walk through!!! What a treat...we order from them all the time, and it would be too much fun to visit!!!

Tina J said...

Have fun!

Bonnie said...

Sounds like you are having fun.