Thursday, June 20, 2013


  Biscuit has been with me a year her checkup last week, the vet said she had gained 3 pounds.  She continues to be quite the hunter...she surveys her kingdom and anything that moves is fair game!!!
  There are a wealth of little bells out there in the green belt, and one lovely royal purple collar.  But, she's part of our little family now.

  And my other little "come-here" Sweetie found a new love this week.
  Remember that double weave project that I started a few weeks ago???  I made one sachet that I added catnip to, and started the 2nd sachet.  That's as far as that warp got!!!

  When I cut off the sachet for the kitties, I found out that Sweetie really liked that little pillow!!!
  If that cat could talk, all we would have heard would have been, "ooo....ahhhhhh....mmmmm."  The other two kitties completely ignored it!

   Those 84 threads did not go to waste....they were rethreaded for dogwood mug rugs.

  Yes.....we are looking at the three month window to get items woven for the Fall sales.  And, mug rugs are my best sellers. 

  Tina and I made a quick run down to R&M Yarns yesterday to pick up 200 pounds of thread for the Center.  These threads found their way home with me!  The white is soy silk.....Andy had woven a scarf with her hand dyed soy silk, and I loved the feel of it.  I may dye some up with Maggie, and see how it weaves.  The navy and mulberry cones are rayon chenille.  And, there was a little ball of multi-colored chenille that I thought might fit with some I already have.  I never come out of R&M empty handed!!!

After the yarn was unloaded into the Annex, Tina and I made a stop at Kid's Kamp at the Community Center.  It seems that the table looms that Carol had warped up were being ugly with the kids.  We off loaded  the warp from the wonky loom, and put it on a loom that the kids had finished weaving on.  Tina tied that warp onto the front bar, and they will be go to go today.
  What a busy day we had!!!

  They didn't bloom in time for last week's red blog, but they are making up for it this week!  The bee balm has started blooming!!!  I bought a small pot two years ago at the Lavender Festival, and this year they are making a big statement! 
  Did I know they would be over 36" tall?????

  We will be spinning on the ridge this Saturday....Tina has been busy with her fleeces, and I can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve!  I'll have to get the wheels dusted off (it's been awhile since I have used them!) and vacuum the kittie fur off the chairs.  It will be lots of fun!
Happy Weaving (and spinning!)


Tina J said...

We logged 210 miles, and picked up almost 200lbs of very fine yarn for our weavers! Yay! I can't wait for th to see those colors!

Anonymous said...

Cute Pie is saying, "Duude!!! Anybody have a lava lamp?"

LA's Sister

Maggie said...

I love the picture of Biscuit! Leo would be jealous of her sense of balance. Cutie Pie is waaaaaassted! The dogwood makes me want to make some mug rugs. Good summer project.