Thursday, June 27, 2013

Spin Day Report

  Just in case you didn't already know, Tina is quite a spinner.  In fact, I think she could spin air into a whisper.

  She brought all different types of fiber for our new spinners-to-be to feel.  From fleece to combed to yarn.....they could see the different states of fiber.

(It all made my dining room table look very festive!)

  Tina started Kendra and Mendy out on the spindles, and they could see how the fiber twists to form the yarn.  After a few starts and stops, they started catching on.

Then it was time to give the wheel a try.

Kendra just had two llama fleeces prepared, and she's very motivated to get the hang of spinning.

  But, wool wasn't the only fiber spun last Saturday on the Ridge!!!!
  The little birds love to pluck Biscuit's fur out of the door mat by the back door, and I had a handful that I had saved to put out for them.  Yes....that's right....Tina spun it into yarn!!!!

  Elsewhere here on the Ridge, my place mat warp finally came to an end.  That's six more place mats and one runner for the stock pile.  They are headed to the washer this afternoon.

  A warp for small totes has been started on the warping board.  This one is a gray/black/white mix.  I've already put aside some fabrics that I think will go well with this color combo.

  Just as an update, the bee balm continues to bloom and brighten up the side garden.  But, now we have an extra surprise:  purple blossoms!  And, it's on the same plant as the red blooms!!!!  I just love flowers!

  I hope your summer is going well....and you are finding all kinds of nice little surprises!  This is such a wonderful time of the year!

Happy Weaving (and Spinning!)


Tina J said...

It was a fun day! I had never spun cat hair before, it was so soft and fine! Thanks Lou Ann for hosting once again.

Maggie said...

Is that Biscuit on the treadles?

LA said...

Biscuit likes to lay under the loom when I'm not weaving. Go figure....

Bonnie said...

Sounds like a success.