Sunday, June 9, 2013

It's Not Wednesday, But...

The backyard in panorama!
 Wednesday was about 84degrees, about 80% humidity, but I went outside and worked for five hours.  When I was done, I came in, took a shower, fully intending to write a blog entry, and fell fast asleep on the couch.  So, here I am, writing on Sunday, after another four hours outside.  Good thing smells don't transfer over the internet, because I've waited to take a shower, to avoid a repeat.

The vegetable garden in panorama!
I have been weaving the black on black blooming leaf scarf, and it is coming along.  Interesting that I am timing myself on this scarf, and it takes 25 minutes to weave one motif.
Figs and St. Francis
  But mostly, I've been outside.  Things are blooming and sprouting and needing attention.  The Shasta daisies all bloomed and promptly fell over from the weight.  The figs are popping out at every intersection of the wandering fig tree.  My garden is bursting with minute vegetables, and I even got my first ripe tomato today.  Okay,
in all honesty, it could have hung out one more day and been tastier, but it was fun to pick it and pop it in my mouth.
  The roses were coerced onto their trellises today, and I made a trip to the near-death plant rack at Lowe's early this morning.  Which means more planting!  I got two Astilbes in the ground, as well as a new Carolina Jessamine, complete with its own new trellis.

Day Lilies gone wild!

Busy days!  And busy nights, too, hanging out with friends in Knoxville.  For those readers not familiar with our fair city, Knoxville hosted the 1962 World's Fair, and like all such cities, we now have an ugly landmark from it!  The SunSphere is very tall and noticeable, and last night, we were standing under it, pondering whether to have a drink at the bar on top of it.  Instead, my friend showed me how to take a panoramic photo with my new phone, and I captured the whole tower!
Ramp Burgers!
And then, we had burgers, made by our friends at Hoof Knoxville.  Cindy and Dennis enjoyed a Ramp Burger, with ramp pesto and pickled ramps, while I gobbled down a delicious Dirty Southerner, with local cheddar, crispy onions and whole grain mustard.  All were served with fantastic fries and mushroom aioli, and all were on buns from the bakery where I work!  So delightful!  If you see Hoof Knoxville's truck parked and open for business, please give them a try!
  Time to shower and weave for a spell.  A big storm is coming up and everything just planted will get a good watering in.  Have a fabulous Sunday, and happy weaving!


LA said...

Hey...that World's Fair was in 1982!!! And, slowly, but surely, the area around that space is still evolving! Lots of planting going on at your place...I saw that beautiful foxglove!

Theresa said...

Fun, fun, fun! If I ever see that food truck I'll be sure to stop for a bite, but it's unlikely to be this far west... ;-)

Maggie said...

Well, you'd be welcome!