Tuesday, August 2, 2011

While The Cat's Away........

  You guessed it.....while Carol and Pat are out of town, we went TO TOWN on the stash in the aisles!  Or, rather Tina went to town on our vast collection of fabric and odd bits of thread. 

  Allan and his wife, Sharon, have been hard at work around the Annex getting it ready for the addition.  But, until the weather breaks, construction on that will have to wait.  They have volunteered to store some of the stash until the new space is ready.  (Just for the record, my car was showing 103 degrees as I drove home from the Center.)

  This is the mound of stash that Tina weeded out to go to Allan's house for temporary storage.

  After lunch, we loaded it up onto Allan's truck.

Many hands make short work!

  Bonnie is back to work on Tote #2.  She brought #1 to the Center for construction advice.  She was getting ready to throw the handles when I left (so that means I'll be braiding next Tuesday!!!!)

Carl is working back on the barn loom.  That's denim strips being used for the weft.  It is working so well on this warp.

(By the way, since I didn't see Ann, I DID check under her loom, just in case!  I guess she's still out of town!)

When Lanny isn't loading up a truck, he sure does weave a mean scarf!  He's really lucky that little stool didn't get put in the back of Allan's truck!  When Tina is purging the stash, anything is fair game!

Ms. Ila continues to weave those marvelous scarves.....the threadling sequence is unbelievable!

Ms. Trudy worked on her warp today, too.  We need to find the stool for her....I think that chair sits too low!

  Linda didn't need Chandler's book today.....she was just reviewing "hemstitching" last week.  She usually hems her placemats, and needed to brush up on how to hemstitch.  I think she's got the hang of it now.

  I really wanted a shot of Allan's legs....he had on shorts today.  But, I would have had to take a shot of everyone's legs to be fair.  I didn't really have time to do that!!!  But, Allan was threading the Herald loom for more placemats.

  So, as you can see, we did get a lot done today.  Next week will be just as busy, I'm sure.

In the meantime:
Happy Weaving,


Maggie said...

Missed you guys! But my new loom is in its new home, waiting for some scrubbing and replacement parts. Sorry I missed the stash busting!

Tina J said...

Just for the record, nothing was thrown away, just hidden away! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Roxie sez,
What a madcap crew! You guys look like you're having such fun!

Bonnie said...

I sure look like I was in a daze, to which I was. I took some meds that made me that way. I tried to get Tina to visit my house but for some reason she did not go for that.

Theresa said...

You guys simply rock. Look at all the beautiful weaving going on. Love the denim that Carl is doing and WHOA! that's a heap o stash to be stored.

textrix said...

Wow, Carls work looks wonderful. I love it!