Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vacation Time Must Be Over

  The Head of the Weaving Department is back from Canada (and they didn't keep her at the border!)  After taking a quick look at the CHART for Foothills Craft Guild Show, she declared that we should all get back to work!!!!  We've got 87 days to WEAVE....weave....weave like the wind!!!!!
  Thank you to Ann for making the chart....we need to see what we still have left to get done!!!!

  Of course we have a lot of items in the shop upstairs, and some of those rugs that were woven last winter will go with us to the Guild sale.  And, there are four placemat warps being worked on now.  We just have to stay busy!


  Tina got back to work on the neutral placemats.  There's already a roll of mats on the cloth beam, so she's getting a lot of weaving done.

  Nada has returned, and she got a quick review on hemstitching from Tina and Bonnie.  We all seem to have our own version of how to do it, so which way would you like to hemstitch????

  Pat was hard at work on her table runner.  This fabric works great with this warp.

  Carl was back at the barn loom....weaving that beautiful rug!  He really has "the touch!"

  Allan sewed this old sheet into a tube, and went to town on the rag cutter.  He's ready to start weaving those placemats now!

  Take a close look at Ms. Ila's scarf.  What a beautiful pattern!

  Even with all that's going on, you still need to take time to plot and plan!!!!  Linda got the chance to look at the new Handwoven, and catch up with Ms. Trudy.
  We all have a lot to finish between now and November.
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

And with her earplugs in LouAnn got a bunch of weaving done also. Lots going on.

Theresa said...

Oh my you guys do weave up a storm no matter the season. What a wonderful place it must be.