Saturday, August 27, 2011


  Yes, this is Hurricane Irene.
  No.....not the one that's hitting right now!

  My Mom's family planned a reunion in October 1999 at the beach near Wilmington.  Aunts, uncles and cousins converged on the area...and we did have a good time.  That is until an unwelcome visitor came to call!
  I'll leave out all the details, but I was thankful to get back home.  It was a bumpy flight!!!!
  And, now, she's back.  My thoughts are with all the folks on the Eastern Seaboard for the next few days.  Please be safe.

  This is #4 large tote on John.  The weft was the multi-colored cord that was sitting on the churn last week.  I used 8 strands of cord for the handles. 
  I really like the way it wove up, but the handles are a little thinner than I prefer.  I think I'll do another one with this weft, but I want to use the blue mop cord with one strand of the weft for the handles.
  I'll probably cut these 4 off the loom since the handles are building up on the beam.  There's no sense in asking for trouble!!!!

  I got the handles thrown for the green/tan tote, and started weaving on the center section.  A whole new pattern started to develop.....and then changed again!!!!  It's time to weave the handles back in....I can't wait to see what happens when I weave the last section!

  I have enough of this plaid to do another tote, but I think I'll use mop cord for the handles.  I dyed several hanks of cord brown earlier in the week.  It might be a good idea to do a run of tan cord, too.
  Let me add that to my to-do list!!!!

  Waiting in the queue is this lovely print I found in my stash.  It came with John and Sally, and I think it was cut for rag rugs.  I ran it through the rag cutter, and there should be plenty for a small tote.

  So, we're down to 83 days until the Foothills Craft Guild show....I'll keep plodding my way to my goal. I foresee some hours at the sewing machine in my future!!!

  In the meantime, enjoy your weekend....stay safe if you're expecting a visit from Irene.  She's not my favorite cousin!!!

Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

You are getting plenty of totes ready for the craft fair. They are all real pretty. Be hard to have a favorite.

Tina J said...

Very nice Lou Ann! Are you going to use the brown and white on your cappacino warp? My kids evacuated inland to his folks. This is the first time they have had to do that!