Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Room for Looms

 It's been a busy day already, here at Chez Davidson.  On the left you see Nancy's old apron, torn and rusty.  Mom bought a new apron when Nancy was hers.  LouAnn loaned me her staple gun yesterday, and this morning, I replaced the apron.  I'm too thrifty to throw the old one away, so it's in the wash right now.  It might be recycled into a tote bag liner or a pillow backing, minus the rusty, torn parts.
  Nancy was at one time a loom donated to the Center, and she hasn't had an easy life from the looks of her.  Someone replaced her beater bar bumpers with ugly red velvet furniture feet, and they drooped sadly.  I replace them this morning with ugly wool felt pads made for furniture feet.  Eventually, I'll buy her some actual bumpers, but not today.  And someday, I'll sand her down and put a couple of coats of Tung oil on her.  She needs some love, desperately.
   She also had about a dozen handmade heddles, red and orange and blue, that were cut off this morning.  Next, she will get all her joints tightened, and I'll wind a warp for placemats.  She needs a job!

 She got some more elbow room this morning when I moved the Navajo loom into the back room.  The desk came out, went into the living room where I'm now typing, and the sewing table went against the windowless wall.  The Navajo loom now sits in front of the window, waiting for a warp and some inspiration.   But first, the lawn needs mowing!  I'd better head out now before it gets much hotter.  Stay cool, and happy weaving!


LA said...

Nancy has those great inserted eye heddles!!! Lucky you! You can use up some of that left-over bulky knitting yarn for scarves!!! I'm glad she's got a special place in your home.

Linda said...

Now you can have a new title! Refurbisher of old looms. It sounds like Nancy is going to be very happy in her new home. I am looking forward to seeing what you make on her.