Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just Do It!

Welcome back, Sara!!!

We were treated to a visit from Sara today...she's on the road to recovery, and took some time to be with us today.  We have assured her that coming to the Center on Tuesdays can be counted as therapy (for the soul!!!)

  There was plenty for her to see at the Center today.  Ms. Ila is working on the last scarf on this warp....she's using dark blue for the weft.

  And, it wouldn't be a Tuesday if Ann didn't have to get under the loom AGAIN!!!! 

  I think the results of all that searching worked out just fine!!!!  This weft is really great with this warp.

  Allan got started on his placemats today.  He and Lanny had lots to talk about .....  Lanny is going to take a Scottish cooking class at John C. Campbell next week.  We're hoping that means he'll treat us to shortbread cookies when he returns!!!!

  We're down to 80 days until Foothills Craft Guild Show....and here we are discussing some of the "brass tacks" of our endeavor.  Booth size....display.....carpet....blue tape....lighting.....hang tags....these are all things that we are hammering out.   Such serious faces!!!!

  And these are the fruits of our labors!!!!

Slowly, but surely, we are filling up the tubs with items to sell in November.    We're even planning a "mock booth set-up" in October.  We'll see if we're on the right track rather quickly!!!

In the meantime....here's a shout out to Carl, Bonnie, Ms. Bonnie, Ms. Trudy and Maggie.  We missed you today and hope to see you soon!

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

Yes, we took an hour and 20 for our lunch break/meeting today, it went really well I think!

Bonnie said...

Sorry I had to leave. I guess somebody will let the ones not there today know the decisions made.

Maggie said...

I love Ila's new color! I missed you guys, too. And I will next week, and the week after that... I hope to be with you soon!