Friday, August 19, 2011

Date Night!

Sun and sea have been the name of the game since we woke up on Monday morning.   We have made it to the beach each day and sometimes twice a day.  My favorite time to hit the beach is  in the afternoon.  The sun is not nearly as hot, and it is low tide so that there are tidepools that have been so much fun to play in.
 The smallest granddaughter has gone from not wanting to place her feet in the sand or sea, to hopping from the tidepools to the surf just as fast as her little legs can carry her!  She keeps at least one adult running that is for sure!
Another great memory for me will be my 5 year old grandson taking a break from boogie boarding to catch a drink out of his sippy cup!  He is trying to stand on the boogie board, just like he has seen his dad stand on the surf board.  He told me that his dad made that up!
We take turns cooking each night of the week, but Friday night is almost always date night.  Tom and I watch the grandkids while the parents go out to eat.  We fed the 4 grandkids, the three P's.
Pizza, popcicles, and popcorn.  We watched "Finding Nemo", in honor of our being at the beach.  (We hid our heads under our blankets, at the scary parts.)  When the movie was over it was time to brush teeth, read books and tuck everyone into bed and sing songs til they fell asleep.

The grownup kids made the mistake of coming in, laughing, before the kids were asleep so we didn't really have to finish that up.  We handed the snuggle duties over to their parents, and soon we making our way across the street to our own beds.

It has been one fabulous day after another, we still have one more!
Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

I'm so glad you're having such a great time!!! Beach time is very special!

Bonnie said...

What a wonderful time and fun.