Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back At It!

  After John's melt down last weekend, we spent some quality time repairing the tie on the pulley.  Texsolv to the rescue, once again!  There were a few tense moments when the harnesses did not want to balance, but we got it worked out.

  After I wove the remaining inch on the tote bag under construction, I wove in some strips of fabric to separate the totes.  I had discovered two broken threads (maybe they broke when the pulley cord popped?) and repaired those.  I also threaded the two threads I had been using as floating selvedges.  (I wove the cat mat in twill.)

  This tote is using Stewart plaid, and I've already gotten the handles thrown, and one side is braided.  John is living up to his reputation again as a true gentleman!  Gotta love him!

  I've finished basting the fabric strips that will be used for handles on this small tote.  These strips are 2.5 inches wide, and I just turn them to the middle so that there will be no raw edges.  It makes a nice, smooth handle for these bags.

  I washed up these mill-ends of light weight decorator fabric to use in the next large tote on John.  I really like the "rag bag" look of the large totes when I use different fabrics (although it's so much faster just to use the same fabric throughout the tote!)  Sometimes I forget that "prep time" can eat up MY time!

  But, it is so much fun to go on a scavenger hunt in my stash.  Some of the pieces bring back memories--something I made or something I was planning to make!  I'm glad these pieces of fabric are becoming something useful, yet beautiful.

Enjoy your weekend, and
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Glad that John is up and working. Your make some really nice tote bags.

Tina J said...

I am glad that you got John fixed. I love the look of those fabrics, it will be fun to see the pattern develope!

Maggie said...

I really like those fabrics together!

Linda said...

I am glad you were able to get John up and running again. Your tote bags look great!

Theresa said...

Oh great soft colors. Should make for some wonderful and sturdy totes. Glad you got John up to speed! Don't ya just hate those loomy meltdowns.