Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We Found Her!

  There she was....under the loom again!!!!! 
  I'm sure OSHA would have something to say about this!!!

But, for now, she's back from her travels and ready to wind on this warp.  She and Lanny got that done right after lunch!

  But, before she did that, we got to see the two scarves she wove on the rigid heddle loom while she was on vacation.

  The natural one is bamboo, and after it's washed, she'll insert ribbons.  The green scarf is a very soft wool....I wish you could feel how soft it is!

And, since the rest of us are working on the same projects as before, here's a preview of those cute little tootsies that make the looms weave the way they are supposed to!!!!

Tina:  must be weaving tabby!

Bonnie gets her weaving done with sneakers!

Way to go, Christy!  Socks work well, too!

Ms. Ila's feet really fly on that scarf warp!

  Bonnie said I wouldn't show my feet....but here they are!  When I DO sit down to weave, the shoes come off!

  Ms. Pat is back in action again after her travels, too!  (By the way, she loved all the de-stashing that Tina has done!!!!)

No....Carl isn't a pirate.....he was standing back at the barn loom when I took the picture.  Next time, I'll get both of his feet!

  Last, but certainly not least, are Lanny's legs feet.  Whoooo-hoooo!!!!!!

  We sure are a happy bunch of weavers!!!

Happy Weaving to YOU, too!


Linda said...

LOL. You all have way too much fun!

Bonnie said...

We did get some weaving done. Had fun too.

Tina J said...

That was too much fun! We had a great day today!