Wednesday, August 24, 2011


 Today is HVAC day at Chez Davidson, and it's out with the really old and in with the new.  To the left is the furnace, with its half inch of 22 years of crud.  It's where the animal died last year, where the air conditioner drips all summer, the thing that sounds like Darth Vader with laryngitis when it turns on.
  Below are... parts.  Parts of the combined air conditioner and furnace, I think.  They're all from 1989, which doesn't sound that long ago, does it?  I mean, I was only 32; Matt was only 13--ooh!  not a good time for us!--and it couldn't have been that long ago, could it?
   But 22 years in HVAC time is more than a lifetime, and I was lucky to get by the last three years without needing to replace them.

 Here is the new unit, shiny and huge.  It's at least 33% bigger than the old one.  It's a dual-fuel heat pump and air conditioner, 45% more efficient than the old one, and a lot easier on the gas usage, since the gas burners don't turn on until the temperature is below 30 F outside.  The three installers have been working since 9:00 this morning and still aren't done at almost three, but they've made a lot of progress.  It's only just starting to get warm inside, too warm to weave.

  And I've been trying to weave, trying to make some progress on the shawl, but there are some "lazy" threads, threads that can't seem to pull themselves up high enough or down low enough to be caught in the tabby throws.  I'd take pictures, but it's white on off-white, and I can barely see it,  let alone capture it on the camera.  It's very frustrating, and I keep needing to talk myself into plugging away at it, unweaving and all.  I will round up some S-hooks to weigh down the lazy guys next time I have time to weave, and I will finish, but I need to find out what I'm doing when I wind the warp that makes the bamboo get lazy in some spots.
  So now I'm knitting some lovely tencel into lovelier lace, keeping my feet up and enjoying my only day off this week.  As soon as the HVAC unit is in, Mom and I are off to see Harry Potter's newest, then dinner at Litton's.
  Have a lovely, thread-filled week!  Stay cool!  I know I will!


LA said...

You're going to love your new HVAC unit...I'm just thankful mine lasted one more summer. I'll face that next Spring! Enjoy your afternoon...Litton's....YUM!!!!

Linda said...

I love Litton's!! You are going to be so nice and toasty warm this winter!

Bonnie said...

You will enjoy that!