Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lonely Looms ;-(

Isn't this sad?

This poor little loom....no one to weave on it today.

Someone is at the beach.....playing in the surf....building sandcastles with her grandchildren!

Another loom....left all alone.

Someone else is spending time with grandchildren!

Ms. Bonnie's loom has been lonely too long!

Ms. Trudy cut off her first project today!!!
Now this little table loom is empty and waiting for a new project!!!

  There are more looms....but Blogger has decided that I can't load any more pictures today!
  But, I think you get the idea.....we were few....but we were mighty!  A lot of the weavers are off on other adventures, but we DID get some weaving done!
Enjoy your day, and
Happy Weaving!!!!


Bonnie said...

Mighty were we few.

Maggie said...

Indeed! We talked a lot, but wove a lot, too!