Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Other Daily Fiber

 Well, how can I follow that last post?  Ann under the loom?  Everyone's busy feet?  Lanny's knees???  And I haven't even woven this week.  After the week I've had, all I can handle is a little light knitting.
  On my birthday vacation last week, I dragged my poor sister into two different yarn stores, on three separate occasions.  She was a good sport about it, and even bought me yarn for my gift.  To the right is the luscious hand dyed tencel yarn I fell in love with at Black Mountain Yarn Shop in Black Mountain, NC.  We spent a lot of time in that store, while Liz sat outside with Bella.  I bought a book on lace knitting, and began a Lily of the Valley stole, but I think I've already made a mistake and must rip out.  I'm letting it mellow for now, while I work on a project I bought myself, some Noro silk-and-wool sock yarn.  I made up the pattern so I could knit and talk, knit and look out the car window and knit and watch t.v.  So far, so good.  I'm about to start turning the heel.
  I still haven't paid much attention to Nancy, since the first thing I have to do is go buy a staple gun to attach her new apron.  With one day off this week, house cleaning and estimates on new air conditioners took precedence over Nancy, but I will try to get to her next weekend.  When I do, you'll read about it here!  Until then, Happy Weaving!



Bonnie said...

That is beautiful yarn and the lace looks complicated. If you want to borrow a stappler, I have one (or my hubby has one) that you could use.

LA said...

It sounds like you need a tiara to wear for your Princess Week!!!!! I LOVE that'll enjoy those when the weather gets cooler.

Theresa said...

I second the tiara! Happy belated birthday week. Love the cat in a sack.;)

Anonymous said...

Roxie sez
The sock rocks! The cat in the sack makes me cackle!

And it took me a minute to realize that Nancy was a loom.