Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We Were Really Rockin'

Hold on to your hats.....things were rockin' at the Center, today!!!!

Today was Dye Day for the Tuesday Weavers.  LaDonna led the charge by mixing up the dyes needed for today.  Carl had his warp all ready to dye....just decide on the colors!!!!

Maggie brought some fabric to skein off to use for warp for a placemat warp.  Just set up the swift and let it rip!!!!!

Here's Carl hard at work on his warp.

And, here is Maggie working on her shawl warp.

This is the Maggie's skeined fabric.....can't wait to see how this works up in a warp!

  LaDonna brought some finished placemats to show.  Both the warp and the weft were dyed.

Say "Howdy" to Christy....our new Tuesday Weaver.  Carol put her to work weaving mug rugs with leftover thrums.

But, we put Christy to work even before she sat down at the Pup.....
  Bonnie and Christy chained off Bonnie's warp, and we all pitched in to wind it back on VERY carefully.  The tension was not very good before, but I think it will be OK now!

Your eyes were NOT deceiving you....that's Linda on the loom beside Bonnie!!!!    Yes, SHE WEAVES!!!!   (I don't know why she had Chandler's Learn to Weave book.....it's a mystery!)

Linda's son, William, came along today.  He didn't spend all his time on the computer.  He was a big help moving tubs out of the way so we could work on Bonnie's loom.  Thank you, William!!!

Allen and Ms. Ila got a chance to catch up.  Allen got his bamboo warp dyed earlier.

And, behold......this is combed fleece from Tina!  Remember the fleece that Tina had laid out on her kitchen floor????  Well, this is the combed top!  I wish you could feel the softness..........

  Yes.....we did get some weaving done today!  Tina was hard at work at the placemat warp, and I got about 16 inches done on my scarf warp.  I have about 20 inches more to do to finish that one.

  Carol was in and out and all about today...she's getting ready for her yearly trip to Canada, and she wanted to make sure all would be fine while she's gone.  Yes, Carol.......you can catch the blog next week to make sure we stay focused!!!!
  In the meantime:
Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

I wish everyone could hear the noise levels in that room! After lunch it gets a little quieter, and as the weavers take off one by one, it is quieter still. Lot's of stuff going on today, lot's of fun!

Bonnie said...

First,I want to thank Tina, LouAnn and Christy, for their help in unwinding and rewinding my warp. After I pulled the sticks out, you know how bad the tension was. REALLY BAD! Much better now. There was so much going on, I even missed part of it. Glad for the blog to see things that I missed.