Saturday, July 16, 2011

Off To See The Wizard!

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."
  It all started for me back in 1999.
  I kept seeing these kids coming into the school library begging my friend Amelia for a copy of Harry Potter.  The first two books had already gone into paperback, and Amelia had lots of copies of both books.  These were kids that "hated" to read....yet they were pleading for their opportunity to have the book for the weekend.
  I had to find out what was so special about this young wizard, so I snagged the first book for the weekend......and the rest is history. 
  When the first movie came out in 2001, the librarians in our county arranged for a special Saturday morning showing at a local theater.  There were so many teachers and librarians signed up to go that they had to use all the screens for this early morning showing.  It was magical!!!!

  I'll never forget when the Order of the Phoenix came out in 2003.....I wasn't going to stand in line until midnight to buy the book....I would just wait until the next day.  My hubby had to run to the store for something that afternoon (I stayed home) and came back grinning like crazy.  Since WHEN did you get so excited about a trip to the grocery store????  He could barely wait for me to ask what was going on...he just handed me the was heavy!  Inside was the book!  "HOW did you get this????"  It seems that they were unpacking the boxes behind the counter and putting the price stickers on them...he just asked if he could go ahead and get a copy for his wife! in a small town!  Needless to say, I called my kids and taunted them with the opening lines from the book....I just couldn't help myself!!!!
  The seventh (and last) book was due to go on sale on my birthday in 2007.  I prepaid for the book, and actually stood in line at midnight to get my copy.  I read the first chapter sitting up in bed, and then conked out! 
  I had lunch with my daughter yesterday, and she was so tired.....she and her hubby had gone to the midnight showing of the final movie.  And, was magical!!!!  I'm excited about seeing this movie....yet, I'm also a little sad.  It's over.  Finished.
  I do have the movies on DVD, and I have all the books.   Thanks to J.K. Rowling, millions of children (and adults) realized that they love to read.  I had a lot of parents that started reading a chapter a night at bedtime, and confessed that they were reading ahead after the kids went to sleep.  Then, those same kids wanted to read the book on their own when the book was finished.  And, these were kids that were struggling with reading! 
  It's been fun watching Harry, Ron and Hermione mature.  I'm looking forward to seeing them on the big screen in this last movie.....I'll slip over to the theater soon and sit in the dark and watch these characters that I've come to love bring the story to an end.
  Yes....I know how the story ENDS, but it will be so magical...........

"Mischief managed!"


Tina J said...

Lou Ann, have you tried listening to them while you weave? The most talented Jim Dale brings all the characters to life, and I do mean all of them. I can't even tell you how many times I have listened thru the magical world of Harry Potter!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the movie, but I'm not rushing out to see it. I think I want to put it off, for as long as possible, because then the journey will be over. However, I think my curiosity will get the best of me, soon.

Anonymous said...

Roxie sez
What will excite kids about reading now that Harry Potter is over? I always wonder, what's next? Maybe Tarzan will make a comeback.