Friday, July 29, 2011


I am keeping my promise to myself to not stress about how much weaving time I am able to fit into any given day. 

Summer time is just too crazy for that!

I have finished the 2 light pink "Kings Flower" Blankets and just yesterday was able to wind enough of  the light blue bobbins to do 2 blankets in that lovely color in the same pattern.  (For a change, I don't even have to cut the woven blankets off the cloth beam to fill an order or to give as a gift, I can just keep weaving. I suppose that means that I am caught up or something!)

I was working on something computerish, and it involved downloading a bunch of stuff, so a lot of waiting time.  Well, I thought, I can wind those bobbins and be ready to weave  when I can fit it in!  I pulled out my spindle wheel and popped those bobbins onto the spindle, and I went to town treadling.  I can fill the bobbins much faster like this rather than the handcrank winder.  I have had to start using the cork from the end of the spindle wheel to hold the bobbins in place, it is just too much friction for my skin.

I downloaded and filled bobbins for about 2 hours, no rush, I knew I wouldn't be weaving that day, but they would be ready when I needed them.

When I am done with the blue blankets I will switch over to my other loom that has the "Cat Tracks and Snail Trails" pattern, and repeat the process.  2 pink and 2 blue blankets.  Then I may branch out and try some of the darker colors that I have pre-treated so that they won't bleed.  I think I will do a good 10inch swatch and wash it in cold water. (I am really needing the confirmation that the pre-treating has taken care of the problem.) I have plenty of colors that I know are good, so I have been staying away from those others.

I am almost ready to rethread the Cat Tracks pattern to something different.  I had one chosen, but I can't quite remember it.  That will probably happen late September though.  I want to have several blankets in each pattern for the Foothills Craft Guilds Fall Show, in late November.  I plan to have at 12 to 15 blankets, maybe more.  That would be 5 of each pattern if I rethread.  Then Overshot mug rugs, and maybe a few rugs.  It should be a good show with lots of variety.

I am happy with my progress and my new found peace,
 Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

I just love the thought of you filling your bobbins on the spinning wheel!!!! Dual duty!!!! Finding just the right balance is the key right many things to do!

Bonnie said...

I am glad that you have found a peace. Sometimes we just have to live a little and time will come to us.

Anonymous said...

Roxie sez
Oh bravo! Way to maximize your time, you clever kid.