Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Empty Nest

Another busy week on the farm for me, and no time for weaving, so as I was pondering what to write about this morning, I noticed that I was walking in and out of the house freely, with no worries about who was going to run out the door.  Usually, Leo is the first one out the door, especially since Bella came to live with us.  I'm pretty sure Leo thinks he is a dog, or would really like to be one.  He's not much for catnip but loves to play with the lazer light.  He likes to sleep in the tool tray of my Artisat when I'm weaving.  He also likes to hide in paper bags.

 Weftie got his name from his first baby picture, perched on the Colonial, with the rag rug in progress perfectly setting off his colors and adorable-ness.  Since watching Leo scurry out every morning at 4 with Bella, Weftie's been getting ideas about what lays beyond the screen door.  He sits on the tower in the back porch, watching the feral cats in the neighborhood, obviously wondering about the world outside the window screens.
 Miss Etta is a former barn cat, and knows when a cat has a good life.  She likes hanging out on the back porch, and doesn't mind a nap in some potting soil, but the outside holds no interest to her whatsoever.  She knows who fills the bowl and how rare it is to have someone do it in the great wide open.
Dear Bella loves outside, but only if it's not hot, raining, cold, snowing or I'm inside.  She's the one with the flea allergy, and the one who rolls in the grass in the park long enough to bring them inside.  The house was infested, and they all had to pack up and go to Grandma's yesterday while the exterminator poisoned the house.  Everyone was anxious and upset, and I got a taste of what life is like for those poor petless souls I know.  It was a unique feeling, going outside, leaving the screen doors open.  It was strange to fix coffee this morning first, without having to fill bowls, open doors, scoop boxes.
  Strange and unique, but not something I could get used to.  So go snuggle up with your furry friends and weave something lovely on this hot, sultry, stormy afternoon!  Happy weaving!


LA said...

You are truly blessed with your furry creatures! They have such unique personalities! It's been fun watching Weftie grow....and grow....and GROW! Enjoy the quiet before you go pick them up!

Linda said...

Awwww. I know you miss them. What sweet faces!

Anonymous said...

Dickens, my 18 year old Burmese, had oral surgery this morning. We thought we might lose him over the weekend and weren't sure he would make it through the procedure but he did. He is still at the vets as they get his antibiotics and pain meds managed. He is our spoiled rotten favorite (don't tell Reggie and Hopper). After the vet closed this evening Alan and I both wished that we had brought him home. They have such a strong hold on our hearts. So your post hit home with me today.

Be well,

Anonymous said...

Roxie sez
Our furbabies ask so little and give so much!Those are wonderful photos.