Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby, It's Hot Outside!

After Mom, aka Joyce, and I left the Center yesterday, I took a lovely, long nap, and when I woke up a little before 5, I noticed it was a bit warm in the house.  I looked at the thermostat, which confirmed that, indeed, it was 80 in the house.  I looked outside and saw the air conditioner working away, but nothing was coming out of the vents.  I called the first HVAC specialist in the Google listing, and they told me to turn the fan on and it would thaw the frozen unit and be good as new tomorrow.
  I'm not handy.  I don't have a mechanical bone in my body.  My sister got those genes, though from where I don't know.  We are the spawn of a man who taped windshield wipers on when they fell apart!  But I do as I'm told by those who are gifted in the technical areas.  I turned the fan on and nothing happened.  I went to home depot and bought two fans, opened all the windows and waited for morning, when the HVAC guy was supposed to call back.
  I'm a very early riser, so when they hadn't called back by 8, I emailed and called friends, got a recommendation and called him.  He got here an hour and a half later, diagnosed the problem in ten minutes, fixed it and coached and counseled me on ac maintenance.  He's drawing up estimates to replace ac and the furnace because as he said, "they're dead old."

  Meanwhile, I've been out tackling the back yard.  I'm always bragging about my front yard, but my back yard is shameful.  I've put off mowing it for the past 3-4 weeks, for various reasons.  It's been too wet, too hot, too much, and now it is completely overwhelming.  I've given up whacking and chopping and mowing, and called the guy who mowed my lawn last year.  He did a crappy job last year, but he has a very big, powerful mower, and if I'm here to direct him around plants, I'm hoping he can get it back to a manageable level.  I'm going out now to mow the front yard, weed whack the slope and come in to cool off and weave.
  I hope you're cool and comfortable on this hot hot hot summer day!  Happy weaving!


Tina J said...

We both are trying to keep up with the gardens this year! It is either too hot or too wet!

LA said...

It's like a sauna outside right now! Don't stay outside too long...or we'll be visiting you in the hospital!

Bonnie said...

Glad he could fix your air conditioner. You are lucky to have somebody that will mow your yard.