Saturday, July 2, 2011

Holiday Weekend


  You know it's near the 4th when these luscious little fruits start to ripen!  I'm looking forward to a cobbler this weekend!  The trick is to go out early before the sun gets too high and pick the berries.  It's nice and cool this morning, but they are calling for the low 90's by this afternoon!

  My to-do list grows by the hour....I need to hit the post office this morning, and a quick trip to the Farmers' Market is also on the agenda.  We'll probably fire up the grill this afternoon and enjoy some burgers.

  Like a lot of Americans, we're staying close to home this weekend.

  I heard from our friend, Marta, in New Mexico.  She'll be sticking close to home this weekend!  She shared these photos shot from her house in Santa Fe.
  She and David are right in the flight path for the planes and helicopters fighting the wild fires in the area.  They have hosted people who have evacuated from Los reports say that they may allow people to return home tomorrow.  But, Marta and David have packed go-bags just in case the conditions worsen.

  I experienced the Bosque fire in 2003, and I remember feeling on edge those few days.  I can only imagine what Marta and David are going through right now.  And my thoughts and prayers go out to the brave fire fighters....

  I did remind Marta that she has a place to stay here in East Tennessee....and there's plenty of grazing available for her little goats.  (I don't think I'll share my blackberries, but there's plenty of kudzu!!!!)
  I hope you have plans to celebrate this weekend....but PLEASE be safe!!!!
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Yumm. Blackberry cobbler. I hope Marta and David will be safe.

Anonymous said...

Roxie sez
You have blackberries already? Oh, the mouth waters! Good wishes to all in the disaster zones!

Tina J said...

Your blackberries are about a week and a half ahead of mine! I can hardly wait!

Maggie said...

Dear Marta! I hope she and David are safe and sound! I made blackberry crisp last night, and I hear it was a big seller, but I'm sure yours was delightful and you didn't have to make sure it sold. Happy Fourth!