Friday, July 15, 2011

Fun Friday!

The last 4 Fridays in a row, our church has been hosting a "Fun Friday" for the kids in our church.  Each week has a theme, and todays theme was "Noah's Ark".  They asked me to bring some animals so that the kids could touch them.

I packed up a couple of the goat kids and got some collars and leashes, and hoped for the best.  At first they were not sure they wanted to leave the safety of the carrier at all.

Tap Dancer was really not appreciating the new leash!
I felt as apprehensive as she did, I have to admit!
And Acrobat figured it was best to keep a low profile!

I thought that it might try picking them up and have them with me on a bench for the "kids with kids visits".  As soon as I did that, and sat down they got really quiet, and as each group came thru, they began to relax and even snooze.  The elementary girls group came first, followed by the elementary boys and then the 3-5 age group, (pictured below), and finally the little 2 year olds came out to pet the baby goats.

Everything went much smoother than expected!

I have been helping out each week with Fun Friday, so that is another thing that is cutting into my M-W-F weaving time.   I have been able to post a few pieces on my Etsy site, but not as much as I would like to.  Will life ever get back to normal?  Probably not, so we make the best of it, and enjoy the stuff that is put in front of us to do. 

By next week I will have a few pictures of some recent weaving, same old patterns but some new colors.

Until next week, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

Back to normal???? What is normal? Life is never boring, and it's for sure that your little "kids" were a bit hit with the church kids!!!

Bonnie said...

Glad they settled down for the "kids".

Anonymous said...

Roxie sez
How delightful! What a treat for those children. You are a good and generous woman. Sometime, it would be fascinating for the tykes to see a goat or a cow being milked.