Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cat Days of Summer

  If you've watched the news at all this week, then you've heard about the heat wave....or, if you've stepped outside this week, you might have experienced the heat wave!  The temps here in East Tennessee have not gone three digit, but with the high humidity and temps, it feels like it!
  The kitties and I are staying cool inside.....I finally got the woven cat mat fits exactly in the space!  (I'm not sure just how I pulled that off, but I like the way it looks!)
  My daughter has come over for lunch several days this week, and we've cooled off in the pool afterwards.  I'm really going to miss these lunches when school starts back for her!  We've taken advantage of all the fresh produce that's coming in...especially the okra!

  For my birthday this week, my daughter got me started with six of the Fiesta plates.  When I was growing up, my Mom had Fiesta for her everyday dishes, but with five kids, not many made it through the years.  I have three of her plates that are NOT chipped.  I can hardly wait to weave some special placemats to go with my new dishes.
  And, my son found me this really cool book about botanical dyes.  I know that Pat (one of our Tuesday Weavers) has done a fair amount with natural dyes, but this will be a new experience for me.


  We finished up the evening with Just Dance 2, which my son also got for me!  They are really good at this....I'm going to practice before we do it again!!!  Between swimming and dancing this summer, my shoulder rotation has gotten so much better!!!!  I just need to keep at it!

  I treated myself with Handwoven's 2002 and 2003 Collection CD's.  We have the back issues at the Center, but I have really enjoyed reading these back issues on the computer.  So many of these articles are written by names that I've come to know, and it has sparked many more ideas of things I'd like to weave.  But, I'm still plugging away with the two tote warps for the Fall show. 

  Of course, the kitties think I should be thinking about weaving a couple more Cat Mats for them.  After all, they'll need a replacement while this one is being washed, right???  I do need to get back to weaving a hour first thing in the's just a great way to start the day!

Happy Weaving! (and please stay hydrated!!!)


Linda said...

Happy Birthday!!! I really like the cat mat! I bet the cats do too.

Anonymous said...

Roxie sez
Happy birthday indeed! Way to survive the heat dome!

Bonnie said...

I hope that you had a wonderful birthday. Sounds like it was a fun day. Keep up the work on the Just Dance 2. I guess that would be a great work out.

Tina J said...

Happy Birthday! I just love fiesta ware, though I don't have any! I am so glad all your kiddos are local so that they can join in the fun. Stay cool and maybe some Sangria wouldn't hurt too much to celebrate!

Maggie said...

Weren't we just talking about fiesta ware at lunch Tuesday? They're going to be so fun to design placemats for! And now my cats are jealous.