Saturday, July 30, 2011

Oh, NO!!!!

  Look closely.............
  Yes sireeee, John had a melt down last night!
  I was weaving the end section of my tote bag...2 inches woven, one inch to go.  I really did want to finish this tote and start on a new one.....I could finally show a picture of a new tote!  But, when I switched the shafts, there was a funky noise, and this is what I saw.

Who knew that the wire would wear out????  It has frayed just like rope!!!!

  Needless to say, I didn't get the tote finished last night.
  I released the tension on the warp, and tied the shafts to the castle beam for the time being.  I'm going to try a texsolv rescue this afternoon and we'll see if that will do the trick for now.

  John is NOT a spring chicken, and I don't know if I can even get a replacement....I guess I'll be spending some time on the internet!

  Tina and I put a 20 yard warp on John last summer, and I've woven a few totes and the cat mat from it.

That reminds me:  one of the Tuesday Weavers asked me on Tuesday, "I thought you had three kitties???"

  So, I finally got a picture of all three of them having a little snack.  (My cats don't pose for pictures....I just have to catch them in the act!)

  From top to bottom:  CeCe (14 years old), Sweetie Pye (2 years old) and Zuzu (14 years old.)

  They allow me to weave in our home, and keep me out of too much trouble.

  Last weekend, my sister was here for a visit.  She brought a lot of fresh produce from North Alabama (which we fixed for dinner on Saturday.)  There were a lot of cucumbers in the bag of goodies.....too many to eat!!!  So, we decided to make pickles!

  This is our other sister's recipe for Kitchen Floor pickles...they stay in the crock for a month, and then you get to slice them and put them in jars.  No peeking!!!!  The change can is to keep the kitties from accidentally knocking off the plate!

  Carol made these pickles every summer when her neighbor would gift her with a blue-million cucumbers...and we would all enjoy them at family gatherings.  I just hope they are as good as the ones we remember.

  I've got some repair work to do today!!!  So, I'd best get busy.  Enjoy your last weekend of July!

Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

We know who runs your house. Sweetie Pie looks like he is fitting right in. Poor John. Hope that you get him fixed.

Tina J said...

Texsolv will save the day! Are those Sour pickles or Sweet? If they are Sour I can't wait to try one!