Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday at the Loomy Bin

Oh, no, Linda.....you can't escape!  There's too much going on!!!!

You can work on mug rugs.........

Or you can make straw looms......

Or you can just spend an enjoyable day with your friends!!!

As always, there was a "whole lot of stuff going on!"

Here's the short version:

 Ms. Bonnie is working on dish towels.

Ms. Ila is putting on a warp of mug rugs.

Trudy got her warp woven on the Inkle loom.

Ann is weaving away on her rugs.

Nada is on her first floor loom project (placemats in Ellen's pattern.)

Allan cut denim strips for his rug this morning, and he was busy joining them  and getting the strips on the shuttle.

Bonnie is tying on her warp.

I got a little bit woven on the scarf warp.

Lanny cut scarves off the warp, and used the stick trick (with Tina's help) to secure the warp.  He'll just keep weaving away, now!!!!

And that, my friends, was a quick trip to the Loomy Bin!!!  Somehow Pat, Carl, Joyce and Charlotte escaped the camera lens, but they were part of the merriment, too!!!  And, we really missed seeing Carol today....everyone needs a day off now and then!

I hope your day was full of joy, too!
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

And you to LouAnn,once again, missed the camera lens. We also spent time making up the straw weaving kits---don't forget that. A fun and full day.

Theresa said...

Thank you for again allowing me to spend a little part of your day with you! Sounds like a grand time.

Tina J said...

I can't wait til Lanny washes that scarf!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'd rather be in Tennessee with all of you, weaving those great projects. It's supposed to drop down to -7 degrees tonight!! ~ Marta in Santa Fe