Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Moving On!!!!

I hate head colds!!! I've had one for a week now. It started last Wednesday. I do have my voice back, sort of, but I still have that yucky head cold feel!! So work this week has been minimal. I did go to Gatlinburg with handwovens for Arrowcraft to sell and then on Saturday we drove over to Asheville to deliver pieces to Allanstand which is in the Folk Art center on the Blue ridge Parkway. I finished weaving the pink warp and wound a white one that I hope to get on the loom today. But, other than that, nada!

So what to write about? I waited to post  til later in the morning because we had a bit of excitement the last hour. Years ago we inherited an 1835 Chickering Square Grand Piano. It had been rebuilt at least 30 years ago by the couple we inherited it from. The lady remembers as a child playing under the piano at her great aunt's. They never had children and since we play piano, etc, we inherited it. It doesn't hold a tune. We've had it tuned several times and not only is it tinny, it isn't on tune and the keys stick. It's beautiful, I guess, in its own way, but totally takes up space where we would rather have a desk.
So, DH's sister wanted it to display pictures, etc. She lives in Atlanta. It's taken awhile but finally everything worked out so this morning the movers drove up from Atlanta and within an hour they had it on their trailer heading back down the interstate to her house!!!

 It's an interesting piano and mighty heavy, but they knew exactly what to do. They were also glad that we just had a few steps out front. Last week they had to move a piano up from a basement and were telling me how tough that had been. This one......piece of cake!
 I"m glad there were 3 of them. Took 2 guys to move it in but 3 to take it out. These guys sure had their act together!
 Good thing those legs just screw on!!
 The bottom of the piano is full of cracks. Probably that's why it doesn't play well!! The wooden mechanism is kind of interesting there too.
 You can just see the new tv we bought before Christmas on its cabinet on the left. That's what made us have to move that piano. The tv is where our roll top desk was. The desk will go where the piano was and maybe, just maybe, we can have a fire in the wood stove if we get another storm!!
 No problem using a ramp where the stairs are out to the truck!
 So far I'm impressed with these movers. They drove up this morning from Atlanta, were very professional but down to earth and got the piano onto their trailer!
 Probably the worst part was the poor guy driving the truck. He had to back it up our crooked driveway. We're the third house on this driveway. The first driveway is a good one to turn around in but there was a plumber working up there. Luckily for all, that guy was glad to move his truck up that driveway further so this guy could back into there and turn around before heading down the hill to the road!!
So DH's sister is waiting for her piano. I wish her many years of enjoying it as it holds pictures, Christmas cards, whatever she wants on it!!

Here, I'm hoping to get over this cold a bit more each day and get my energy back. It's been a drainer, that's for sure!
Heading down to the studio now.....until next week.


Tina J said...

Carol, That is awesome! I know how it is to have something that has been in the way finally and suddenly be gone!(Thinking of the old barn here.) What a relief.

LA said...

I, too, know what it's like having something where you wish there was something else!!!! It's so nice when the space clears up and you can put what you WANT to put in that space. If it's not working for you, it should go, right??? Get to feeling better!!!!

Katelynn said...

Dearie me, what an eyesore of an instrument!

; )

Bonnie said...

I am sure you sister-in-law will get enjoyment out of the piano. It is beautiful. When it is in the way, you just can't enjoy it. Hope that you feel better.