Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What's Going On????

On our usual Tuesday blogs you see the Tuesday Weavers just doing their "thing" and plotting and planning for more threads and new projects.

Allan finished up a rug this morning, and cut it off so he could go ahead and  tie the fringes.  He also had a warp thread go wonky, and he wanted to get that fixed, too.

.....yes, even in this weaving haven we have things that go wrong......never fear!!!

But, the rest of this blog today is dedicated to the projects on (or going on) the looms!

This is Bonnie's trial tote bag.  The weft is wool wrapped jute, and we thought it might felt.  Well.....the wool did felt, but the jute didn't shrink!!!  That's OK....it was an experiment!

Bonnie was working on the threading today.

Tina is back to work on the linen towels.  She inserted a little row of hand manipulated lace near the hem line.

Ms. Joyce is threading a snail trail pattern for some mug rugs.

I have about 25 inches more to weave on this scarf. 

Ms. Ila is weaving more mug rugs using M&W threading.
La Donna is weaving a shawl on the triangle loom.

Ms. Bonnie is working on dishtowels on her loom.

Ann is hard at work on the rug loom.

 Nada's placemats on the multi-colored warp is coming right along!

Carl is working on the third "rag bag" on this warp.  We got the handles braided and woven in today.

I don't know how many scarves are on this warp, but Lanny has made a lot of progress!  I sure wish you could feel how soft this one is!!!

We tease Pat a lot about using her favorite color....YELLOW!  She's working on a table runner right now.  (And, you should know that she led the charge on the Annex and the war against the mice!!!  With her guidance, we had that job knocked out early this morning!)

And, this, my friends, is a typical Tuesday at the Center!!!!  But, did I tell you there was a lot of laughing and chatting and fun????  There was!

Happy Weaving!


Maggie said...

That's a lot of beautiful stuff!

Bonnie said...

Lots of fun. Everybody doing their own thing.

Tina J said...

We had quite a group today! It was good to be back after being sick.

Roxie said...

Oh I envy you! what a splendid day!