Saturday, February 26, 2011


I have had these funny looking clips for chained cording for several years.  The clips you see on the left have been particularly difficult for me to figure out how to use.  I had ordered the cord and I figured that I should also order both kinds of clips.

 I have tried to use them a couple of times, but was unable to figure them out.  I finally ran across a picture on some blog that showed these clips in place, and I was relieved to see that it wasn't me, it was that I didn't have a loom that needed these clips!

Well with the arrival of "Sally", I do have a loom that will benefit from these funny little  clips.  Sally is one of Glimakra's smaller floor looms called "Ideal".  She has all the features of the larger Swedish built looms but in a smaller package.  She is only 27 inches across from side to side, and 32 inches deep.

These clips are on the top end of a length of cord, that go down to the treadles. I have found that it is easier to get the treadles at an even height using these clips.

 I had already found the arrow clips much easier to utilize on my other looms, and I was able to make some adjustments on Sally as well.  These clips are on the top end of cord going from the harnesses to the lamms.

 One of the things I find very different on these Glimakra looms are these shaft supports, that are to stay in place unless you are weaving.  They hang from the top of the loom, from the same bar that the shafts hang from.

So far, when I take off the supports to test the shed the shafts go wonky on me.  So I am looking for more information on the set up of this kind of system that will hopefully give me a clue as to what is going on.  The book I have seems to skip a couple of item. 

 The horses that hold the shafts, to do the counter balancing are set up in the correct way, I am just wondering about the spacing of the horses on the shafts.  Is wider apart better or worse?  I also wonder if I would do better putting a little wider project on her for the first go? Right now I just have a 5 inch wide warp, for mug rugs.

We have just gotten back in town from a retreat, so I am looking forward to working out all the kinks on this crazy loom.    Wish me luck!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

Each loom has their own personality, and I'm sure you'll figure Sally out soon!!!! I've seen those clips before, but I thought they were just an alternative to the arrow clips. Oh well.....

Theresa said...

Tina, if it's a CB Ideal, they may always be a bit wonky. It's just the way the looms are. They do benefit from having the unused heddles either very close to even on each side or off of the shafts all together. It's a swedish thing. I had the exact same problem with the little Julia and I just changed her over to a CM system, no uneven shaft thing going on now. Talk with Joanne at Glimakra, she'll help you out with the set up and is very nice to deal with.

Tina J said...

Thanks Theresa, I had also wondered if that would help. I will look into it. OOOOH! Countermarche! It gives me the shivers just thinking about it!