Monday, February 21, 2011

Second Chances

 A week ago today, I began my second stint as Pastry Chef at Blackberry Farm, and tomorrow is my first day off since then.  It's been a crazy week, with some seriously unpleasant moments, some giddily  happy ones, some of those zen-like moments that come when you're doing what you really, really love.  I'm seriously ready for a day off.
  My first day was a blur.  I cannot tell you what I did!  I don't remember!  But on Tuesday, Adjryche, the now-former pastry chef, taught me his method of making chocolate candies.  Here he is, making the filling for some espresso candies.  He's in West Virginia now, with a new job and a new partner!
  On Wednesday, I began introducing new desserts.  Because our guests eat every meal with us as long as they stay, we have to have a different menu every day, with no repeats for three days at a time.  This is Thursday's menu.  You can em-biggen it to see it more clearly.  I introduced new desserts every night until Sunday, when I was able to start repeating them.
  Today, I made desserts ahead so the pastry cooks can simply make garnishes and plate the desserts on my days off.  They make the small first course desserts and the last course desserts, but I make most of the main desserts.
  I didn't get any pictures, I'm sad to say!  I love them all, like newborn children, but I forgot to take their pictures!  By the time I plated them for the staff to try, I was ready to get in my car and come home!
  Needless to say, there was no weaving this week.  I did cut the first baby blanket off the loom Monday morning, and I did take a picture, but the new software I downloaded on my mac won't let the computer talk to my camera!  I have scheduled a ME day tomorrow, a day in which I think each time before I do anything:  Do I really want to do that?  And if the answer is no, I don't do it.  If by chance weaving is something I feel like doing tomorrow, I'll be sure to let you know next week!  Until then, Happy Weaving!  And sweet dreams!


LA said...

You deserve a ME and Bella and the kitties can just hang out together!!!! But, if you decide that you'd love to have lunch with your friends, I know where they will be tomorrow!!!

Theresa said...

Enjoy your ME day, you so deserve it!

Roxie said...

I am in awe! What skills you have!

Bonnie said...

I hope you enjoyed your day off.