Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chain Reaction

  In a little bit, I'll be off to the meeting of the Clinch Valley Handweavers' Guild.  My tote bag is packed with these packages of afghan panels.  Several of us have blogged about this project, and you might remember that we had some challenges working with the cotton flake in the warp.
  I have to admit that I didn't enjoy weaving on this project....and waited until the last few weeks to finish up the weaving.  Last Friday (a week ago!) I realized that I was going to have to put on another warp in order to finish up the last few panels.  I started winding the warp, but about half way through, I was out of the white cotton flake!  I called the Yarn Barn last Saturday morning just as soon as they opened, and ordered the yarn.  The very nice gentleman that took my order was very frank with me, and said that since all the bad weather had kept people inside, many people had called with thread orders.  Imagine....a new cure for cabin fever....weaving!!!  He said my order would go out Monday or Tuesday and that it was a standard two day shipping.  That gave me plenty of time to get it on and finish the last few panels.
  I didn't count on the storm that hit Nashville!!!  The roads in Nashville were a skating rink!  So, instead of getting the thread on Thursday, I got it yesterday.  Although I did finish winding the warp, and it is AT the loom, I had to admit defeat.  So, this morning, three of my friends are only getting ONE panel instead of their two.  I'll be posting pictures of the afghan project over at the ClinchValley blog this afternoon.  (I'll take them their second panel on Tuesday!)

I've noticed on the blogs that a lot of us weavers have cats....and that our kitties seem to love our weaving.  There are tons of pictures of Hilary's cats on her beautiful rugs, and for sure, Maggie's cats love to help her out when she weaves.  I've noticed that my cats think that handwoven items are the best place for naps.  Even though my tote had about a dozen tubes of leftover thread, Zuzu still thought this was THE place to snooze!!!

  Sweetie has spent this morning watching the birds through the back door.  I wonder if she remembers hunting out back????  But, she's chilling in the hall now.  You can keep tabs on everyone from this vantage point.
  Gee.....that hall would look so much better if I had a handwoven rug!  I guess that means I need to start stripping all those jeans I've collected and get busy on the hall runner (that I've dreamed about for a few years!)   Ah, yes!  That chain reaction I thing leads to another!!!
Happy Weaving!


Life Looms Large said...

I admire your enthusiasm for trying to get that panel done so quickly! I'm definitely more on the slow side!

Isn't it funny how one project, or one thought, leads to another?!


Maggie said...

You should have called me! I have a cone! Sorry I'll miss the meeting, but tell everyone I'm done, just at the vet with Bella for her leg's second check up.

Bonnie said...

My cats do not like the noise that my looms make. They come in and then run out. My Maggie (the dog) sits at my feet at my desk and does not leave until I leave.

Theresa said...

Our cat Rodger isn't so much in love with my weaving as my weaving bench, the sheepskin on it to be exact. Hence he's always rather miffed when I come to weave. :)

Tina J said...

Those panels look so innocent and well behaved all packaged up, you would never know all the trials a tribulations they have caused!