Monday, February 14, 2011

Warp Avoidance

 This weekend, I finally made it through the blue stripe on the baby blanket.  It took a few tries, but over the course of a few hours, I kept at it and made it to the hem.  But the hem posed new problems, since the tabby just seemed to highlight all the loose threads.  The only good thing about all the loose threads I have is the discovery of these cute little clips I found at Home Depot!  They're 77 cents each, and they're the perfect weight to keep stray thread weighted!  And they're easy to slide down as I advance the warp.

Of course, the better solution would be to have a well-wound warp, now wouldn't it?  Maybe I was just too excited to get this project on to get the tension perfect.  I knew it was too wide for me to wind by myself, but I was too impatient to wait for help.  As soon as I finish this first blanket, I'm cutting the warp and retying the whole thing back on.  That should help some.
  But now there are two unblanketed babies!  The second Larder baby was born last night, and the first is already two weeks old.  Heston and Bryan will just have to wait a little longer.  I will persevere and beat this badly-wound warp, and they will be wrapped up soon!

So, what do I do when I can't face my warp?  I've been knitting!  Mom's second sock is 1 1/2 leaf motifs from the end, and I've got more yarn left than I thought I would.  At the beginning of these socks, neither of us thought there was enough yarn to make two full-length socks, so I made these a little short, maybe 5 inches from the heel-turn, but it looks as though I could have made one more leaf motif, after all.  I might make a pair of wrist warmers, or I might just give the rest to Mom to weave into some mug rugs.  I'd like to keep going on my finishing-up of knitting projects, and get some sweaters done.
  First day at my new/old job today, so I've got to get ready!  Wish my luck!
  Happy weaving!


Linda said...

Love the socks! The baby blankets will be done in no time.

LA said...

Great idea with the little clips! Home Depot does provide lots of little weaving tools!!! I think you'll have the blanket done in plenty of time now that you know what you're up against. LOVE those socks!!!

Roxie said...

Good luck on the job!

The socks aren't toe-up are they? If you're obsessive about the length, and they're knit top down, you could cut off the top rib, pick up and knit up with an extra long rib. If you just pick up from the top of the existing ribbing, the join will show.

Wristlets are nice too.

And those little clips are brilliant!

Tina J said...

I have been known to pull those unruly threads up and fasten them between the pieces I am weaving! Like a pretend broken thread. Those clips look like grasshoppers don't they, or am I just ready for summer!

Bonnie said...

Happy baking. You don't need luck cause you will be great. The baby blanket will be beautiful and the baby will love it. Socks, you know me and making socks. They are just fine.